Skin Tag Removal

Remove those unwanted skin bumps permanently with Private-Dermatologist specialists. We offer professional surgical procedures giving the most immediate results.

Wart Removal

Get rid of these embarrassing and uncomfortable growths with our hand specialists surgeon that will give you a long lasting result at very affordable prices.

Private Dermatologists London

Private Dermatologists is the leading London skin clinic, based in the heart of the city, providing the best treatment for all skin conditions from everyday to the most unusual ones. We treat everyday skin problems such as acne, skin allergies, eczema and many other skin diseases.

Our skin specialists are the professional experts in the field of Dermatology and the treatment of blistering skin diseases, environmental allergies, contact dermatitis, acne, cutaneous lymphoma, rosacea, hair loss, psoriasis, rashes, lupus, leg ulcers, scleroderma and pigment disorders as well as surgical procedures such as skin tag removal, wart removal and sebaceous cyst removal.

More leisure time and outdoor work has increased the exposure to the sun and other hazards which may cause skin disease. We’re a private dermatologist London constantly adapting to meet the ever-growing medical challenges of our society. New drugs may cause unusual side-effects; industrial compounds, pesticides or cosmetics continually pose new dermatological problems. Private Dermatologists consists of experienced team of consultants, private dermatologists and skin surgeons who are fully GMC registered and have undertaken many years of training to get certified in their respective fields and get practising privileges.

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Why Consult Private Dermatologists?


Full Range Dermatology Treatments

We have enough skills, experience and equipment to provide full range of dermatology treatments. All the treatments at our clinic are supported by surgical, imaging and specialist nursing expertise and resources.


Use Latest

Get the best available treatment with us! We use latest technology including photodynamic therapy that combines skin lasers with light-sensitive drug to destroy cancer cells and treat cancerous melanomas.


Access to Certified Consultants

We have visiting consultants who’re experts in their field and work with latest treatments and leading facilities. These experts cover an extensive range of treatments for the patients of all ages.


Round the clock

We have critical care facilities in case of emergency; you receive instant care in case of urgency. Our consultants have round the clock access to more critical beds than any other private health care in the UK.