Wart Removal


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What are Warts?

Most people get a wart at some point of the time in their lives. Warts are non-harmful, benign skin developments, most generally found on the hands and feet. They are created by infections (there are at present around 60 known wart-bringing viruses). Warts are very infectious as the influenced skin cells discharge the infections, so cleanliness is absolutely critical in the event that you are influenced.


Warts can be shrunk by physical contact or indirect contact with a infectuous article, e.g. hand towel or work surface. After you have been affected, it can take weeks or months for the wart to show up on your skin. They tend to influence people from the age of three and up, with the greatest extent influencing 16-18 year-olds.

Types of Warts

Warts normally show up on the fingers and around fingernails. They frequently have a cauliflower-like appearance, however this relies upon the type of wart. Average sorts of wart are: regular, plane, mosaic, plantar(verrucae), filiform and periungal.

Our Warts Removal Procedure

With the combination of latest technology clinical environment and our highly skillful dermatology experts, our Wart removal treatment involves targeting and destroying the wart without damaging the healthy skin around it. Cutting off the blood supply to the wart and thus, safely taking the wart out. Although the patient may feel a little discomfort, laser treatment is generally painless. We use anaesthetic cream to numb the area during the treatment to the patients having sensitive skin. Even if your warts have not responded to other treatments before, you can enjoy the great results with our Wart removal services. Some stubborn warts may require 5-6 or more sittings, but rarely you’ll find that a wart refuses to budge completely.

After-Removal Suggestions

There are no complications expected after the wart removal procedure. You may continue with your normal routine including bathing. You may notice some temporary darkening of the skin; but it heals in 3-4 days and you get new skin.

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